Potts Point Apartment

The brief for this Potts Point bachelor pad was “I want it to feel lighter, more spacious, stylish, but still you know, manly” And we achieved just that. Dark chunky oversized furniture which the client had been accumulating since college was replaced with lighter oak smaller profile furniture immediately opening up the space & making it feel significantly larger. Soft furnishings in navy blue and greys hues complimented the clients existing artwork, adding warmth and character to the space. A new improved layout even allowed for space for a small dining nook – an added bonus for a client who loves entertaining. Proof that furniture alone can transform a space and how you feel in it.

Laura is Fantastic and I can't recommend her enough! I had a brilliant apartment but furniture that I had been accumulating since college. Everything was bulky, dark and didn't match. I wanted something light, fresh, that would "wow" my guest, but not be overly pretentious. Laura got me exactly that. I absolutely love my place and host constantly. She said "trust me" and I did. I wouldn't change a thing. That is exactly what I feel I paid for: professional advice that will give me more than I can ever do on my own. I'll finish this very simply, even though I now have most of my 'foundational' furniture, the next time I move I will hire Laura again to make my home special and my happy place. Hire her.
Brent | Residential Client
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