Mosman Apartment

Having reconfigured the floorplan to accomodate an open plan dining room where once there was a small third bedroom this Mosman couple now wanted help to get the aesthetic right. And, as they were ready to invest in all new furniture throughout – including some beautiful art selections – this was one of those briefs I really love – a blank canvas with an opportunity to really get to know the people who live there and then bring that to life in the design of the space. Pops of vibrant colours, warm oak toned furniture and plants, lots of plants, this apartment now oozes character and warmth and style. 

Izzy the dog gave it her seal of approval too!

Laura helped us refresh our living and dining spaces after working closely with us for a few months. She helped us find a middle ground between our different tastes and we are so pleased with the finished result. Laura was easy going, personable, friendly and really went out of her way to help us out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who asked! Oh and we then hired her again to help us design our brand new kitchen and now we're working on the bedrooms too!
Jackie | Residential Client
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