They say if you want to learn about yourself, start a business. And, it would seem, they are right. Leaving my corporate job and setting out to follow my passion – often leading heart over head  – has been one of the biggest learning curves of my life. And I now love sharing, with a passion, what I’ve learnt with those embarking on their own journey.

I’d like to invite you to ask yourself these questions: Are you a suppressed creative? Do you feel like there is something else for you? Are you mid-career change, or on the edge of your own leap of faith? Is this the year you invest in you?  If you answered yes to one, some or all, then there is good news; there is a way forward from here, a new (exciting) beginning is on the horizon for you – one with endless opportunities waiting to support you in following the tug of your heart And I’d love to be there to support you on that journey. But! Before we talk about that, let me tell you a little bit more about my own journey…

It was mid-2014 and I was an ambitious career-driven thirty-something marketer with a good job in finance. The truth? I was utterly miserable. Underneath the mask was the reality that I felt increasingly stuck in a career which neither lit me up nor inspired me to climb any kind of ladder. I felt like I was going through the motions of life. I was completely disillusioned by the corporate world and I constantly wondered what was wrong with me. The mask was starting to slip.

Something had to change.

Career changing and life changing

Changing career in my mid-thirties was huge for me. My biggest life change yet. Even bigger than emigrating solo to the other side of the world shortly after my thirtieth birthday. And at times this change into creating and running my own design business has pushed me to my absolute limits. My business has been, without doubt, one of my greatest teachers and those teachings have stretched me and tested me in ways I had no idea were possible.

Transitioning from a corporate career to something creative can evoke so many of our own self doubts and fears. Often the switch involves going from doing what we thought we ‘should’ be doing – perhaps at times to satisfy others – to suddenly doing something for us, something for and from our own soul. And that inward focus shift and call of our heart can at times be confronting. It can test us emotionally, mentally and physically, as we get side tracked by our resistance to our growth; disguised as procrastination or imposter syndrome or whichever form, of many, it chooses to show up as.

But I did it and you can too

But it’s possible. Very possible. And I’m here now because of the love of it. The love of design and the love of interiors but also the love of the journey and the process that got me here. Did I question if I could do it? Absolutely. Did I suffer from imposter syndrome? Often. Did I experience bouts of extreme loneliness in the circumstances which my life decisions had found me in? Yes.

Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor.

It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution.

Give us what you've got.

Steven Pressfield | The War of Art

Would I have it any other way? No.

And that’s why I’m now offering my mentoring program. I want to help those on a similar path, because I speak to so many other people who feel the way I felt. Those who want so badly to make a change but are scared to take the first step or the next step. And I get it. Because I was scared too. But I believe that the people who are successful are successful because as they grow so too does their inner courage and their self-belief. They may get stretched time and time again but they use it to fuel them not break them.

Along the way on my own journey I’ve met some amazing people and had incredible opportunities open to me, often like little signposts arriving at just the right moment to tell me to ‘just keep going’. And it’s keeping going that gets us to where we want to be, right? Even if it’s the littlest of steps. 

Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not. But what I do have is a passion to help people to flourish and thrive in their creativity and skills – to see them push through their resistance and to give us what they’ve got. And what else I have is the experience that got me here. My own story rich with learnings from mistakes and mishaps and more. I don’t propose to tell you how to run your business, but what I will do is support you as you step up and out into whatever it is that is calling you next.

And I know from my own experience how important it is to have the right support in place from someone a little further on in their journey. Someone who just ‘gets it’, someone who will meet you where you’re at, understanding deeply how it feels because they’ve been there, someone to cheerlead you through a change which is undoubtedly going to change your life and I’d love to be that support for you.

I started following Laura on social media when I was still stuck in my corporate job, dreaming of doing what she was doing. Her story inspired me and gave me the belief that I could do it too. Fast forward a couple of years and it’s no longer a dream anymore! She has all the knowledge and credibility from starting a successful business and is willing to share her learns. Her input has been invaluable to me. Laura is easy to connect with. She is open, kindly honest and gets practical when I need it. I couldn’t, and maybe wouldn’t, have done it without her
Jennifer Black

Mentoring Package

An initial three month one-on-one coaching commitment to each other – with the option to extend beyond three months.

  •  1 x Introductory Session 
  •  6 x Support Sessions* (60 minutes held fortnightly at an agreed time) – these can either be face-to-face (in Sydney on Newcastle) or via Zoom video conferencing for those a little further afield.
  • Email support between sessions.

*Additional 1:1 sessions can be added at an additional cost, agreed at the start of our commitment together. 

Package price $1550 +gst

Taking the risk and leaving my ten year corporate career for the unknown was a big and scary thing. On those questionable and difficult days Laura’s support, guidance and encouragement gave me the boost I needed for perseverance and success. Laura’s approachable, genuine and lots of fun to work with. Taking on this new journey just wouldn’t have been the same without her by my side.
Tarmaine Hales

I'd love to support you

If what I’ve shared resonates and you’d like my support, drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll be in touch to arrange an initial conversation to check we’re the right fit.

I know it can be a big step to invest in yourself like this, so if you have questions, that’s ok, let’s chat everything through. I look forward to supporting you in following the tug of your heart.

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