Trinity Gardens

Found rather randomly while researching for my trip online, Trinity Gardens had me hooked in an instant:

“If you are in search of inspiration, stunning sunsets over the rice-fields, a wild symphony from the jungle and the sound of the trickling water in the creek below; then Trinity Gardens is for you”

Yes. I wanted all of those things. I just had to stay here. And wow, am I glad I did. It was unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. As idyllic as it is breathtaking, it’s a paradise which must be seen to be believed. Owed and run by an Interior Designer (who in my eyes is a creative genius) the aesthetic here is utter perfection. Susanna’s creative talent can not be faulted. My camera was never out of my hand and my Instagram feed never looked so good. 

I love interiors and I love travel and I love that doing both leads me to meeting these amazing creative talents sharing their passion with the world. Trinity Gardens promised to inspire and inspire it did.

I’ll be back. 

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