Bathroom Greenery

There is no denying that greenery is an interior trend which just keeps on giving! And, while perhaps not the first room you’d think of when you think plants, I always make sure I include greenery in clients bathrooms before I complete a job.

Why? Because plants are an easy & affordable way to add colour, texture and life to any bathroom. I always choose plants which are easy to look after and which will thrive in humid, often low-lit areas like bathrooms where temperature can tend to vary throughout the day.

Think peace lilies, orchids and aloe vera as a starting point and watch how they immediately freshen up your space!

And, if space is tight, opt for hanging plants, they can have a dramatic impact on a bathroom. I love this hand-made Jute Plant Hanger from Amigos De Hoy

You’ll find more tips on how to upgrade your bathroom here

Jute Hanger - Amigos De Hoy (

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