THE COVER COLLECTIVE French Linen Quilt Cover Set – Charcoal (King)


Once you experience the luxurious world of pure French linen, you won’t want to go back.

Product Description

I love linen.  And it’s true, once you experience the luxurious world of pure French linen, you won’t go back. The benefits of this ultra-soft super sustainable product are plentiful but to name just a few…it keeps you cool (and warm when needed) it’s strong (getting even gets softer the more you wash it!), it’s quick-drying, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and in my world, it absolutely does not need ironed. Need I say more! 

I buy linen bedding again and again for clients as it’s a product which not only looks beautiful but being eco-friendly, with multiple benefits – it ticks a lot of boxes too. And so when I discovered The Cover Collective French linen range I was hooked and something tells me you will be too! 

When you invest in linen, you’re giving yourself and our planet a HUGE hug – The Cover Collective

Included in The Cover Collective set:

1 x Quilt Cover (King)

2 x Pillow Cases

1 x Linen Storage Bag


100% Pure French Flax Linen


Linen button closure along bottom side of quilt cover
Internal ties at the bottom and top of your quilt cover to ensure your quilt stays put during the night (perfect for those restless sleepers)
Wide 22cm internal envelope on all pillow cases
No external labels keeping with a minimal style.


King – 245cm x 210cm