007 SEA SALT & THYME Maison Blanche Candle - 80hrs


007 SEA SALT & THYME Maison Blanche Candle – 80hrs


Enjoy over 80 hours of this fresh fragrant candle – a combination of both uplifting and grounding
tones create the most tantalising blend.


I love Maison Blanche candle so much that I’m a Brand Ambassador for the brand. Simple, chic &
beautiful, what’s not to love? Made in Sydney and artfully hand poured these candles smell divine
and the oceanic blend of 007 SEA SALT & THYME is one of my favourites; combining salty sea air and ocean spray with citrus, basil and thyme to create a truly dynamic and tranquil aroma.

  • 80 hour burn time
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Contemporary white glass jar sealed with a timber lid
  • Packaged in MB’s signature cotton drawstring bag.
  • Did I mention they smell divine? Treat your nose and your home, immediately!
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