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October 2017

Unsurprisingly I’m a big fan of coffee table books when I’m styling. But, I also like to throw some magazines into the mix and so when I discovered Sceen’ry Travel Journal recently I was just a little bit hooked. I LOVE travel.

Not only is each journal beautiful, but with a vision to create a space for creativity and inspiration in travel the Sceen’ry team are creating a worldwide community of “dreamers and explorers” through this stunning collection of print city guides. 

My Sydney (volume #3) copy was nearly so well thumbed before a recent shoot I had to buy another one. My love for Sydney equals my love for travel so this was the perfect edition to have discovered this journal.

The photography. The white space. The words. It’s just perfect. In my opinion, this start-up has nailed it and I’ll be staying tuned for future editions.

Find out more or order your own Sydney, Perth or San Fran Journal here.  Your coffee table will thank you! And if you have an airbnb property in Sydney, then this is a must for your guests.

(Sceen'ry Travel Journal Volume No.3 - Sydney, Australia)
Photo: Studio 1 Interiors

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