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October 2016

When I’m finishing up a project for a client the final two things on my list are always 1) Greenery (Um, I adore plants) and 2) Candles! The perfect scent can make a room and I’ll always choose a scent which best matches the theme of a room. 

One of my favorite candle brands is Maison Blanche, so much so that I’m one of their Brand Ambassadors. It’s no secret that I love supporting local creatives doing what they do best and Kristy at Maison Blanche has nailed it. Simple, chic and beautiful, every fragrance in her Maison Blanche collection is connected to a story or memory.

Maison Blanche candles are 100% soy wax and hand poured in Sydney and the collection of scents is amazing. Two of my personal favourites are 001 Sweet Pea & Vanilla and 014 Australian Chirstmas – the latter has also been known to be sent back to my homeland (Scotland) for gifts! 

Speaking of gifts, start your Christmas shopping now! 

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